Please don't feed right before your appointment

When an anxious dog is in a situation that they find even slightly stressful, they often throw up if they have a full stomach. Think of going to the gym for a hard workout just after having a big us, it won't end well!

Let's go for a long walk!

Walking your dog before a grooming appointment relaxes him/her, expends some energy and puts them in a better frame of mind for grooming. Or, maybe it just makes the tired, either way, it works! Walking also allows them to do their business before coming for their appointment

Relax - I'll be just fine!

Leaving your pet at the groomer's can be very stressful for owners. It's like taking your child for the first day of school, and like children, your dog picks up on your stress or tension and will create or add to their own anxiety. This is not a good start to the grooming experience. Be happy that you're taking him/her to a good place to be groomed by people who not only love dogs, but also have extensive knowledge and training. Know that your dog will NEVER be mistreated here.

Please don't make a fuss over me when you are leaving!

When you speak to your dog in a high pitched or excited voice, they become excited. We make every effort to put the dogs at ease and this just makes it more difficult for us to accomplish that.

Play with me!

If at all possible when you take your dog home after grooming, have a really good play with him/her. Give some treats or do something special that they enjoy. This will help them to connect grooming with an enjoyable time.

Take me back to visit, regularly!

We book several appointments in advance, usually every 4-6 weeks. There are a few reasons we do this. Not only does regular grooming help to keep your dog looking and feeling great, but it also helps to avoid a painful de-matting process or having to be shaved when grooming is left for too long. Regular grooming also allows us to form a bond with your dog.

Please do not show up before we call you or before the scheduled pick up time!

Your dog is in very good hands and if you just pop in to check on your dog, he/she becomes quite excited and we have to spend time getting him/her to settle down after you leave. If you think you can sneak in without your dog knowing you're here, it won't happen! They often hear and recognize the sound of your car when you pull up so don't expect to put one over on them!

Time and what to expect

Scheduling is very tricky in the grooming world and not all groomers schedule the same way. At Bath Brush and Beyond, we book some appointments hourly (each groomer has specific times that they accept clients).

Drop off:

This can actually take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on what needs to be discussed between owner and groomer, or what forms may need to be filled out (if you are NEW client.)

Settle in time:

This can be up to 1 hour. Our clients who are more familiar with the environment are taken to the bath (after they say hi to the friends - both 4 legged and 2 legged). New clients can expect a longer wait, this gives them time to get their bearings and adjust to the environment.


10-15 minutes. Pre-brush, nail trimming, and therapeutic touch massage.


Usual baths run anywhere between 15 minutes and 2 hours depending on the condition of the dog, size, and toleration. If your dog cannot tolerate a high velocity dryer, we will NOT force them. They will stay in a quiet room to air dry and this can cause the process to be longer

Aromatherapy Session:

20 minutes. This is where your pet will enjoy some soothing, quiet time to settle any nerves.

It is policy in our shop that the groomers do not rush through a groom.
Grooming is not a process where it is safe to rush (there are always stories in the news about dogs being injured because groomers are not taking the time to handle them safely), not is it good for the dog's state of mind. If you are hoping to have your dog completed in an hour, this is not the right place for you fur friend. Although we try to ensure we work with your schedule, we also strive to have a very low-stress, relaxed and happy environment for both our staff and our clients. When a groomer is pressured into having a groom completed very quickly, it is not conducive to creating the relaxed environment. Therefore, we ask that you give us time. Also keep in mind that the exceptional grooming we do takes us that much more time! It's about quality and your pet's experience, not the number of dogs we can push through in a day!

Click here for tips for a happy grooming experience.

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All appointments include the following treatments at no additional charge:

We have a minimum starting price of $48.
Because ALL dogs are different, and require UNIQUE treatments, we suggest you call or come in with your pet for a price quote.

We reserve the right to adjust pricing according to factors and situations encountered while grooming. Prices are not fixed until service is completed.